Frequently asked questions

What makes Freelance-inc distinctive?

Freelance-inc was primarily created to allow the members of its collective to share and develop skills, knowledge and experience. Thus, we are able to draw on a vast bank of experience. Our clients and suppliers are from a vast range of backgrounds - from individuals to companies - who have come to appreciate our services. We always seek out appropriate options with imagination and flair, going the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome.

Is anything too much for Freelance-inc?

We strive to complete any request with the descretion and confidentiality to time and budget. Our collectiv eis experienced at dealing with a wide variety of request and will do utmost to ensure your request can be met. There may be times when a request proves difficult to affectively achieve. We pledge to always act with honesty and integrity. Consequently we will keep you fully informed and provide you with alternative solutions wherever possible - perhaps something you have yet to consider.

Can Freelance-inc respond to world-wide requests?

Yes. Wherever you are in the world you can contact us. Conversely, we can reach out to find the perfect solutions for you - wherever it is to be found.

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